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Happy Halloween: Match Your Dice to Your Game!

Happy Halloween: Match Your Dice to Your Game!

It's October, which is time to kick off our Halloween festivities. Here at Sirius Dice, we are prepping for our October gaming campaigns and making sure our games, costumes, and dice are all on point. We thought we'd share our favorite dice/costume/game combos for you to explore.

Game theme: General Halloween 

Dice: Halloween Snowglobe, Haunted House & Scarecrow Stackables Sets

For those of us playing general Halloween campaigns this year, the Haunted House and Scarecrow Stackables sets are perfect. Available in festive orange and purple, these high quality aluminum dice are engraved for precision rolls. The Halloween Snowglobe adds a psychic touch when used as a fortune-telling crystal ball. Jack o'lanterns and bats tumble amid festive orange glitter with each roll!

Game theme: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit

Dice: Vintage Metal

Middle-Earth fanatics will love our Vintage Metal sets. Made of high-quality resin, these dice sets are reminiscent of Smaug hoarding precious treasures. Keep these gems safe in your own hobbit hole or share with adventuring-party friends.

Game Theme: Harry Potter, Pokemon

Dice: Nebula Sets

Our Nebula dice sets come in handy for fans of Pokemon: Pen & Paper and Hogwarts: An RPG. No matter which type of Pokemon or Magic School RPG you prefer, Sirius Dice has you covered. The Black and Yellow set is perfect for Pikachu fans or Hufflepuff students. The Fire Orange set reminds us of cute little Charmander. Slytherins, potions students, and Bulbasaur aficionados will love Languid Green, while members of the Squirtle squad as well as Ravenclaw students will love Cerulean Blue. Last but not least, courageous Gryffindors are meant to play using Cherry Red dice.

Game Theme: Star Wars

Dice: Translucent Sets

Finally, we get to one of our favorite franchises of all time: Star Wars. If you want to be the best Jedi (or Sith) in the galaxy, get yourself a set of dice to match your lightsaber while you play Star Wars RPG. Use the force to roll perfect 20's each time. 

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