Halloween Scarecrow Stackables D6 Dice Set


Bring the spirit of Samhain to your tabletop with this beautiful set of three aluminum D6s!  On the 6 side, the stacked set creates a malevolent jack o’lantern-headed scarecrow.  Sides 1-5 are numbered, wreathed in autumn thicket.

  • Co-created with our partners at LevelUp Dice.
  • Only 750 of these sets have been produced
  • Metal dice made of anodized aluminum and engraved to ensure precise rolls
  • Each number has a distinct design
  • Comes in a windows gift box that shows of the dice set
  • D6 dice sizes are 1x20mm, 1x16mm and 1x12mm


Type: Dice Sets
SKU: SDZ0008-05