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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Dice Sets for Everyone!

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Dice Sets for Everyone!

The 2022 holidays are upon us and we're looking forward to opening nerdy presents under the Christmas tree. While we're waiting for the 25th, we wrote a handy holiday gift guide for the geeks in your life. Play tabletop RPGs this holiday season like no other with our marvelous assortment of dice sets. We've got you covered from luxury dice to affordable stocking stuffers. 


For the luxury addict: For those who really want to splurge on a gift for themselves or loved ones, we have the Grove Series of dice. Each polyhedral dice set is made of precious hardwood, swirled with resin. Choose from black walnut, Phoebe zhennan laurel (used to construct the Forbidden City!), or rare Thuja sutchenensis cypress.


For the Christmas fanatic: If you or your family members love Christmas lights and holiday songs all year long, get ready for our Christmas themed D20s. These fun crystal balls come in Santa, Snowman, and Krampus themes, as well as two large snowglobes and one small one. Play a holiday-themed campaign this season and revel in the spirit of Christmas!

For the miniatures/wargamer: Choice abounds this year with our new D6 sets! Choose from playing card suits, tropical ombre styles, or even the rainbow.


For the DM: Dungeon Masters will delight with our UV Dice Sets. Each set comes with a UV flashlight to reveal hidden rolls. Have your players roll Death Saving Throws that stay hidden until a climactic moment!

Stocking stuffers with style: RPG dice make great gifts for secret Santa, white elephant gift exchanges, or Christmas morning stockings. We present to you our Black + Gold ink dice set, only $5.99, a great stocking stuffer for everyone in your gaming group. For those who can afford slightly more, our White Cloud + Pink ink set for $9.99 makes your tabletop and piggy bank look good.

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