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Arctic Grove Limited Edition Dice Set


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Pearlescent white resin contrasts with the heartwood of black walnut.

Sirius Dice is pleased to introduce The Grove Series.  Hand crafted precious hardwood is set into tinted resin to create a dice set unlike any other. 

Each set is a work of art with unique wood grain and placement for each die.  Also each die has its own inking for numbers and shading for both wood and resin.  Finally, each die is hand polished multiple times to display the luster of the precious wood.  No two dice will ever match, creating a true one-of-a-kind product.

Every set of Grove dice comes with a premium dice vault of sustainably sourced hardwood from Mexico and supple imitation leather band. 

The Arctic Grove dice set was crafted from heartwood of the black walnut tree.  For millennia the walnut tree has been the symbol of fertile and bountiful lands, associated by the ancient Romans with both Jupiter and Juno..  Its wood was strong, yet easy to work, while the walnuts were used for everything from food to ink. 

When brought to the Americas, the black walnut spread far and wide.  It was so prized that early settlers had to guard against ‘walnut poachers.’

This richly hued wood is still used today worldwide in making quality furniture.  The Arctic Grove set is hand crafted from the most lustrous specimens of walnut to create dice that are works of art.

Each Arctic Grove dice set is held in a vault of black walnut sapwood.  This sustainably sourced wood is drawn from the exterior of the tree, and boasts a lighter color than the heartwood of the dice.

Only 675 Arctic Grove sets were produced, and each one of these Limited Edition sets includes a certificate of authenticity.  Reserve your copy today before they are gone forever.

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Arctic Grove Limited Edition Dice Set

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