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Dungeons & Dragons Acererak's Treasure Packs: Crystal Edition


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Unique dice designed to enhance your game

Sirius Dice brings back the first officially licensed random dice packs for Dungeons & Dragons! Each Treasure Pack comes with a random set of dice, 1 metal activity coin and a D&D logo dice bag all in a foil pouch.

What's New

In Acererak's Crystal Edition, there are 78 dice sets available (28 new dice), 25 unique ability coins (8 new designs), and 10 total different color dice bags (7 new colors).

Dice set odds are:

  • Common - 1:1.9
  • Uncommon - 1:2.23
  • Rare - 1:25
  • Legendary - 1:100
Dungeons & Dragons Acererak's Treasure Packs: Crystal Edition

Dungeons & Dragons Acererak's Treasure Packs: Crystal Edition

Total: $19.99

1x 7 PIECE POLYHEDRAL DICE SET Each Treasure Pack contains one of our 78 different dice sets including 7 dice sets that are exclusive to our Acererak's Treasure Packs: Crystal Edition.

1x ABILITY COIN Contains one of our 25 original 40mm metal dice coins featuring a unique design on each face and the Dungeons & Dragons logo on the back.

1x DICE BAG Contains one of our 10 colors Dungeons & Dragons logo embroidered dice bags.

Ability Coins

Our 25 original 40mm metal dice coins with unique designs on each face
and the D&D logo on the back.

Portent D20 - 1 Facing (New Design)

Inspiration (New Color)

Lucky (New Design)

Arcane Recovery (New Color)

Magic Initiate - Warlock (New Design)

Magic Initiate - Wizard (New Design)

D8 Superiority (New Color)

D10 Superiority (New Color)

D12 Superiority (New Color)

D6 Bardic Inspiration (New Color)

D8 Bardic Inspiration (New Color)

D10 Bardic Inspiration (New Color)

D12 Bardic Inspiration (New Color)

Reaction (New Color)

Uncanny Dodge (New Design)

Rage (New Color)

Second Wind (New Design)

Portent D20 - 20 Facing (New Design)

Martial Adept (New Design)

Indomitable (New Color)

Action Surge (New Color)

Cleric Channel Divinity (New Color)

Wildshape (New Color)

Frenzied Rage (New Color)

Paladin Channel Divinity (New Color)

Dice Bags

10 colors of our D&D logo embroidered dice bags
1 in every pack

  1. If your local store doesn't carry our dice or if you prefer not to purchase a treasure pack, you can enter to win a dice set through our NPN program here. We also encourage you to give your retailer a friendly nudge!