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Fireworks Stackables D6 Dice Set

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Unique dice designed to enhance your game

Celebrate Independence Day (or Guy Fawkes Night!) with this patriotic set of three aluminum D6 dice! These nice dice come in the colors of the Stars and Stripes or Union Jack. Each D6 contains a different design that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of scenes when the dice are stacked.

  • Co-created with our partners at LevelUp Dice.
  • Only 1250 of these sets have been produced
  • Metal dice made of anodized aluminum and engraved to ensure precise rolls
  • Each number has a distinct design
  • Comes in a windows gift box that shows of the dice set
  • D6 dice sizes are 1x20mm, 1x16mm and 1x12mm


red white and blue d6 dice set

Fireworks Stackables D6 Dice Set

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