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D&D Progress Pride Flag D20 Holder


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Wear your D&D pride with our D20 holder featuring the Progress Pride flag triangle and a rainbow D20 with the D&D logo.  This unique product is a limited edition created only for our Charity Dice series in collaboration with our friends at Wizards of the Coast. 

  • The D20 holder is enamel-plated metal
  • The rainbow sharp-edged rainbow D20 spins freely in the holder
  • Comes with an additional D&D rainbow D20 for playing
  • Comes with a 24" cord for hanging
  • $28 of every sale will be donated to The Trevor Project
Only a small amount are left, so get yours while they last!

The Trevor Project is the leading organization working to end suicide among LGBTQ young people in the U.S. and beyond. The nonprofit operates several programs to help prevent and respond to the public health crisis of suicide among LGBTQ young people, including 24/7 free crisis services, innovative research, advocacy, public education, and peer support.

The Progress Pride Flag design is a copyright of Danial Quasar, who has supported this project.

D20 size: 22mm
Holder dimensions:  40mm h x 25mm w

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D&D Progress Pride Flag D20 Holder

D&D Progress Pride Flag D20 Holder

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