This series
includes 65
different dice
sets, 18 unique
ability coins &
5 colors of D&D
logo dice bags

See what you can get below!

Dice Sets

Each Treasure Pack contains one of our 65 different dice sets. including 9 dice sets that are exclusive to our Acererak's Treasure Packs and our 6 Treasure series dice sets that you will get here first

Legendary Dice Sets

1 in every 100 packs

Rare Dice Sets

1 in every 25 packs

Liquid Core - Purple



Uncommon Dice Sets

1 in every 2 packs

Common Dice Sets

1 in every 2.22 packs

Treasure - Topaz


Green & White


Treasure - Opal


Blue Cloud


Treasure - Peridot


Green Cloud


Treasure - Amethyst


Blue & White


Purple Cloud


Treasure - Opal


Purple & White


Treasure - Onyx


Red & Green


Ability Coins

Our 18 original 40mm metal dice coins feature unique designs on each face and the D&D logo on the back

Sphere of Annihilation features 2 unique sides

Rare Ability Coin

1 in every 50 packs

Sphere of Annihilation

Common Ability Coins

1 in every 0.98 packs

Action Surge

Channel Divinity


Arcane Recovery

Channel Divinity

Superiority D8

Bardic Inspiration D6

Frenzied Rage

Superiority D10

Bardic Inspiration D8


Superiority D12

Bardic Inspiration D10


Wild Shape

Bardic Inspiration D12


Dice Bags

5 colors of our D&D Logo embroidered dice bags

1 in every pack

If your local store doesn't carry our dice or you don't want to buy a Treasure Pack, you can enter to win a dice set through our NPN program here. We won't mind a nudge to your retailer too. :-)