Discover the Latest in Acererak's Treasure: Crystal Edition

Discover the Latest in Acererak's Treasure: Crystal Edition

Discover the Latest in Acererak's Treasure: Crystal Edition

We are excited to announce the newest additions to Acererak's Treasure: Crystal Edition! This new wave of Acererak’s Treasure Packs includes 28 stunning new dice sets, seven beautifully embroidered new dice bags colors, and a revamped collection of Ability Coins. Here’s everything you need to know about what's new.

New Dice Sets

Our latest release features 28 new dice sets, including seven LEGENDARY and exclusive stone or glass mini dice sets. Each of these Legendary sets is adorned with the Tiamat font numbering and the iconic Dungeons & Dragons logo on the “20” face. Whether you’re a collector or a player, these sets are a must-have for any D&D fan.

Embroidered Dice Bags

We’re introducing seven new colors for our embroidered dice bags, bringing our total to 10. These bags not only look fantastic but also offer a practical way to carry your dice. Here are the new colors:

  • Black with silver logo
  • Rainbow with red logo
  • Green with red logo
  • Red with black logo
  • Cream with red logo
  • Brown with silver logo
  • Burgundy with silver logo

Revamped Ability Coins

We’ve introduced eight new coins, and the remaining 17 have been updated with new colors. Each coin features the D&D logo on one side and a beautifully rendered class ability on the other. These coins are perfect for use as play aids, helping you keep track of abilities like Inspiration, Reaction, Second Wind, and more.

The coins are themed after D&D coinage and come in gold, silver, and copper. Here’s a breakdown of the new and updated coins:

  • New Coins:
    • Wizard Portent 20 (Gold)
    • Lucky Feat (Gold)
    • Rogue Uncanny Dodge (Copper)
    • Martial Adept Feat (Copper)
    • Magic Initiate (Warlock) (Gold)
    • Magic Initiate (Wizard) (Silver)
    • Wizard Portent 1 (Copper)
    • Second Wind (Copper)
  • Coins with New Colors:
    • Reaction (Silver)
    • Inspiration (Silver)
    • Bard Inspiration D6 (Copper)
    • Bard Inspiration D8 (Copper)
    • Bard Inspiration D10 (Gold)
    • Bard Inspiration D12 (Gold)
    • Fighter Superiority Die D8 (Gold)
    • Fighter Superiority Die D10 (Gold)
    • Fighter Superiority Die D12 (Gold)
    • Barbarian Rage (Silver)
    • Wizard Arcane Recovery (Silver)
    • Frenzied Rage (Silver)
    • Cleric Channel Divinity (Silver)
    • Indomitable (Copper)
    • Wild Shape (Silver)
    • Paladin Channel Divinity (Gold)
    • Action Surge (Silver)

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Acererak's Treasure Crystal Edition is designed to bring an extra layer of magic to your D&D sessions.. Don’t miss out—add these treasures to your collection today before they sell out!

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