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D&D Acererak's Treasure Packs Wave 2


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Unique dice designed to enhance your game

Sirius Dice brings back the first officially licensed random dice packs for Dungeons & Dragons! Each Treasure Pack comes with a random set of dice, 1 metal activity coin and a D&D logo dice bag all in a foil pouch.

There are over 54 possible dice sets available, 18 different coins and 5 different color dice bags. Dice set odds are:

  • Common - 1:2.22
  • Uncommon - 1:2
  • Rare - 1:25
  • Legendary - 1:100

Each Treasure Pack will be hand selected by our ECommerce fulfillment team. No returns unless the item is damaged.

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D&D Acererak's Treasure Packs Wave 2

D&D Acererak's Treasure Packs Wave 2

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