Redeem Your Gold Code Here

Did you get a Gold D20 in our Sirius Dice 2nd Anniversary giveaway?  Lucky you!

Just add one of these brand new CLOAK & DAGGER DICE SETS to your shopping cart. Then just enter your unique redemption code in the DISCOUNTS section upon checkout.

                       PINK CLOAK & DAGGER               PURPLE CLOAK & DAGGER

NOTE:  You'll be charged for shipping $5, but we will refund that right away.  Sorry, our system isn't working the way we had hoped.

If you are in CANADA, please email us with your name, address and redemption code.

Got here but don't know what this is about?

Just go to your local game store that carries Sirius Dice and ask them to play in the Sirius Dice 2nd Anniversary celebration.  50 customers will be able to select a random box and see which Sirius Anniversary D20 they get.  Those who find a gold D20 win a FREE set of our brand new Cloak & Dagger dice sets shown above!

If your local store doesn't carry our dice or don't have the giveaway, you can enter through our NPN program here.  We won't mind a nudge to your retailer too. :-)